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Processing your emotions

Sessions can be face to face or online

based in Surbiton or Epsom, Surrey.


If you are feeling alone, overwhelmed or life has become difficult and you are finding it hard to cope, counselling can help you to process your emotions and all that is happening for you in a safe, non judgemental space. It is particularly helpful to have this space if you have suffered a loss, going through difficult change, if you are feeling isolated or just struggling with mood, motivation or feeling hopeless.  With our minds being together and collaborating, you are likely to feel heard, supported, gain clarity, find meaning and ways to move forward with your life. 


Counselling can be any number of sessions depending on your needs and in short term counselling it often varies between 10 to 20 sessions occurring once a week over a few months. Depending on the length of support you need, you can choose the number of sessions that feels right for you.  Brief counselling can be arranged for 6 to 10 sessions and work can be agreed and structured to this time frame if you require very short term support.


It is normal to be unsure about the number of sessions you might need, we can gauge this in your first few sessions and go from there.  As we start the work and continue, you are likely to know how the work is benefitting you and how many sessions you might need will become clearer. 


Sessions can be face to face in dedicated therapy rooms in Surbiton or Epsom or online.  All counselling sessions are booked in advance and set to recur weekly for the number of sessions you initially require so that the space can be secured for you.  All sessions are 50 minutes long and cost £60 per session. A limited number of spaces for concessions may be available, Contact Us for more information or send your enquiry in the form below.


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