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Life coaching
Therapeutic Coaching/ Mentoring

Working together for insight and achieving your goals

Therapeutic Coaching/ Mentoring

Minds Be offers a Therapeutic Coaching/ Mentoring service for adults and young adults. 

This service can provide imperative support when you are facing challenges that are difficult and you need some help to identify, work through and overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. It can provide relief and support for relationship issues, social anxiety and aid in personal development and improving life skills. With flexibility to explore past, present and future, therapeutic coaching/ mentoring can help you to feel unstuck, more able to make difficult decisions or adapt to change. Working together in a therapeutic coaching or mentoring relationship, clients have the opportunity to work through their challenges with a kind of regular support that can be holding and enabling.

Session runs for 50 mins and is typically on a weekly basis. The number of sessions can vary depending on your circumstances and goals. Sessions start at £60 each and discount is available for block bookings and online work.


If you simply want to talk to a professional, and experience therapeutic coaching/ mentoring, contact us for more information on booking a block of sessions or subscribing to the therapeutic coaching/ mentoring service. 

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