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One session at a time

Single session to focus on a key issue of your choice

Single Sessions

Minds Be offers single sessions for clients who want to focus on a particular issue, task or obstacle in one session.  By specifically focussing on a particular issue, clients may gain fresh perspectives or new insights that might help towards overcoming the issue.  Single sessions are based on the premise that more sessions can be available to you when you need it.  Given the limit of time in one single session, this service is unlikely to be a fix all in one session but it can be a form of support that can bring relief, possibly help to loosen something that feels stuck. Single sessions can help clients reflect on a particular issue without the weekly commitment of sessions whilst knowing you can always book future sessions if you need to.


Depending on your needs and circumstances, single sessions may or may not be suitable for you. To find out more see our FAQ's or Contact Us with your specific enquiry.

Each Minds Be Single Session runs between 50 to 75mins in length. Sessions are bookable individually with a set time in advance for meeting face to face or online.  Cost per session varies between £60 to £95 depending on the length of the session you require.  

Contact us to check availability or to book a free 10 minute telephone consultation to discuss your requirements.

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