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The process of healing

Online or face to face sessions
based in Surbiton or Epsom, Surrey.


Minds Be psychotherapy service is offered to those who require longer term work. Sessions are booked in weekly and continue as long as you require, occurring over many months over a period of year or more. The work in psychotherapy usually involves a much deeper and wider exploration into your mind and your life by having the extensive time dedicated for the work.


Psychotherapy allows opportunity to explore many aspects of you, your childhood, your family history, your past and present relationships and how you are in the world.  In addition, there is the exploration of the relationship you have with yourself as well as the relationships you have with others. Through working together in relationship over time, you will have opportunities to gain insight, rise to challenges, realise change, develop and grow. 


If you would like to know more about psychotherapy and how it can help you, contact us to arrange a consultation and to see if we are a good match to work together.  If so, a number of session can be arranged to begin with, and reviewed as you continue the work. 

Each session takes 50 mins and cost £60

A few limited concessions may be available for long term work, please get in touch for more information on availability and to discuss your needs.

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